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08 November 2011 @ 12:52 am
Blanket Permission  
I think blanket permission is awesome because someone recording podfic is just saying they love you and your work. They're celebrating the wonder that is a story you've written, and now you get to expereince it in a new way, should you choose. Blanket permission means anyone can make that offering of love and praise to you at any time! It's like free presents at any possible moment. Of course maybe it's weird to listen to someone read your fic, but with podfic, your fic will get a wider audience, and the credit this podficcer thinks it deserves, if they record and post it. You don't have to listen, just appreciate the positive feedback that (occasionally) comes with. I do understand why some people don't want something podficced a "I want to record that myself" or "I'm leaving fandom please don't record my things" or "I only archive my stuff it's not archived anywhere else." It's reasonable for an author to want to make sure they know where their work goes. But you can still give a blanket permission, host the podfic yourself, communicate with the podficcer, be clear that you're open with blanket permission, but you want to host it, or whatever. Or maybe there's just that one fic that you'd like never to be recorded because of some reason, that's reasonable too, you can almost-blanket permission and I can guarantee there will be some happy podficcers about that.

On that note, anything I've posted to my LJ is free-for-all on recording. I've probably done most of it myself, but I'm happy for people to double record my work. However I can't extend a complete blanket to my Dreamwidth account, nor my AO3 because I'd like more control over where those fics are going to go, which has a lot to do with my mother being on the internet.