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16 November 2012 @ 06:52 am
Day 5 - Special Effects  
Welcome to the fifth day of pod_aware!

To post a work for pod_aware, please include the following in your post, somewhere easily visible to help spread awareness about podfic:

These days, more and more podfics have special effects added for clarity, atmosphere or to add new layers of meaning. Everything from music, to voice filters, to sound effects. To find out more information on podfic and special effecst, check out Pod Aware on DW, LJ or Tumblr.

To make it easier for you, you can just copy and paste from here:

To get us started, here's a podcast from heard_the_owl, quintenttsy, k_town and podklb
Downloads: MP3 or M4B

Links from the Podcast
Teen Wolf- Muerdago read by anatsuno

Avengers- The Butterfingers GDI Stark Guide to Problem Solving read by kalakirya

SPN- and indeed there will be time read by chemm80

J2- In a Brand New West read by heard_the_owl

Bandom-MCR- Spin and Rinse read by reena_jenkins

SPN- Crush read by crinklysolution

Feel free to talk about today's theme in the comments and if you post pod_aware stuff off the comm, make sure to drop us a link so we can add you to the masterlist!
chemm80chemm80 on November 17th, 2012 04:13 am (UTC)
I listened to this at work today and made a few notes, which I'm not sure will make sense this far-removed from the podcas, but feel free to question my logic/sanity. Here goes:

- Trying to read text messages or IMs is really a challenge I think. I used the trick you mentioned about putting in a text sound (although I hadn't thought of the vibrate option) in Thunderbird Wine, and the authors said that it was really effective. But I have to tell you, I had the hardest time finding a sound that would work off the web. Did you record those sounds yourself? Because I have a terrible track record with making my own sound effects, and the downloaded one I finally settled on wasn't exactly what I was looking for.

- I was a little surprised that you'd been asked to make versions without sound effects. I have been asked for a music-free version once, but it was on an SPN J2 story called Beautiful Disaster and the music was the whole point of the audio version, in my mind, because the author had done such a good job of weaving the songs into the story. It was a Rock Band AU, FFS. What would it have been without music? So I declined.

- I loved the comment that podfic forces the listener to pause and allow the reader to guide them through the story. Lovely insight.

- You mentioned song!fic. It might be kind of cool to have a challenge in which authors and podficcers collaborate on a story that's designed to showcase the music.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the discussion. Very interesting.

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Day 5: Special Effects
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