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12 November 2011 @ 03:12 am
Why I Love podfics  
Podfics are portable!
Really you can't always have a laptop full of fiction, but you can take an I-pod or MP3 player filled with your favorits. I work in a small book and comic store. When I find one that is really great and of the PG-13 or under I add it to the store playlist. They have even helped some my costumers try comics or books because a podfic that had been playing.

It also helps me find new fiction or in some cases new songs that I love. In the EsRose for bringing me fully into the Merlin fandom before I had ever even seen a full eppisod. Fayjay brought me the only copy of my favorit song by fan band and the BEST DaME Dragon crossover EVER!! QueensGuard IS EPICKKKKKKKK!!!!!. Reena Jenkins feeds my wanten need for Star Trek XI crossovers with a bit of Barbie Ken/GI Joe podfics! it is sooo Made of Win! All the Girls who try and podfic all the great Smallville/DCU (Detective comics Company Univers). I have to say a big HELL YEAH you Rock to all of you who make podfics!